How can we do manicure pedicure at home?

– Start with a clean canvas. …- Soak and scrub. …- Care for your cuticles. …- Don’t skip the base coat. …- Polish away. …- Add a top coat. …- Relax and don’t.

How can i get my manicure nail off?

– Petroleum jelly.- Cotton (balls or strips)- Scissors.- Acetone (100%)- Plastic food wrap.- Washcloth.- Towel.

Do it yourself manicure hacks?

– Apply using the 3-stroke approach. …- Dry your nail polish faster with ice water. …- Fix clumpy nail polish with nail polish remover. …- Use cornstarch for a matte topcoat. …- Protect cuticles with a balm. …- Don’t dry with a fan or blow dryer. …- Use aluminum foil to remove gel or glitter polish.

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