How to use glow recipe papaya cleansing balm?

Scoop it up generously. Use dry hands to gently massage the formula on dry skin in circular motions for up to a minute, paying special attention to makeup-heavy areas. Continue massaging while adding water to emulsify; afterwards, thoroughly rinse with lukewarm water.

How to use glow recipe avocado melt retinol sleeping mask?

Apply a pea-sized amount to the entire orbital eye area after cleansing, and then gently pat it into the skin with your ring finger for the best absorption. Apply each night. Never put other eye creams on top. Use prior to serum application.

Does glow recipe test on animals?

Leaping Bunny has certified Glow Recipe Skincare as being cruelty-free! We don’t use animals in our formula testing.

Who owns glow recipe?

Christine Chang and Sarah Lee, the company’s co-CEOs, established Glow Recipe in 2014 as a selection of other K-beauty items imported from Seoul to aid smaller firms in entering the U.S. Three years later, they launched their own in-house skin-care line.

How to use glow recipe sleeping mask?

Use as a Sleep or Wash-Off Mask – Before night, as the last step in your skin care routine, apply a generous amount to the skin. Apply the mask gently, then wash your face in the morning. This mask for the face has pore-minimizing and anti-aging benefits.

Is the glow recipe toner good for acne?

This makes it fantastic for assisting in the prevention of breakouts, comedones, and other congestion-related symptoms. You might have a few weeks of purging as your skin recovers and these clogged pores come to the surface as it attempts to unclog your pores.

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